Board of Directors

Genuine Parts Company Board of Directors, Left to Right: E. Jenner Wood III, John D. Johns, Jean-Jacques Lafont, P. Russell Hardin, Juliette W. Pryor, Paul D. Donahue, Donna W. Hyland, Richard Cox, Jr., Gary P. Fayard, Wendy B. Needham, Darren M. Rebelez, Robert C. “Robin” Loudermilk, Jr., John R. Holder, Elizabeth W. “Betsy” Camp. Note, as of April 30, Charles K. Stevens (not pictured) was elected to fill Mr. Wood’s vacancy.

Board of Directors:


The NYSE requires that a majority of the directors be "independent directors", as defined in the NYSE corporate governance listing standards. Generally, a director does not qualify as an independent director if the director (or in some cases, members of the director's immediate family) has, or in the past three years has had, certain relationships or affiliations with the Company, its external or internal auditors, or other companies that do business with the Company. The Board has affirmatively determined that a majority of the Company's directors are independent directors under the NYSE corporate governance listing standards and an analysis of all facts specific to each director.